Sunday, February 15, 2009

Animal Farm Movie vs. Book

Overall, the movie covered the main points of the book, but there were some minor changes. One of the main differences between the movie and the book of Animal Farm was a few of the characters that were present in the book, were not in the movie. Mrs. Jones, Mollie, and Clover were all absent in the movie. I was curious to why they would remove some characters from the storyline. Even the animals that were in the movie played much less of a role than they had in the book. Another difference between the movie and the book of Animal Farm is being able to see what happens on the farm. While reading the book we had to make assumptions on many of the topics, such as the fall of the windmill. But, in the movie we saw these different events play out. We witnessed Mr. Jones blow up the Windmill with dynamite during the Battle of the Windmill. The movie gave us a lot more information on the happenings of the farm. Yet another difference between the book of Animal Farm and the movie was the ending. The book ends with the human farmers coming to Animal Farm to inspect the facilities, and later enjoy themselves by drinking, talking, and playing cards. However, in the movie pigs from other farms come over for a convention of pigs from all over England. They spread the idea of Animal Farms, and later enjoy each others' company. Then it continues to show the animals of Animal Farm rebel against the pigs, the way they had against the humans. The story line of the movie and the book was mainly the same accecpt for a few changes to the details.


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Thank You a lot. That was very informational and it helped refresh my memory.


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